The Children, Families, & Schools (CSF) program addresses the need for educators who are able to meet the educational and developmental needs of children in the varied settings in which they learn and grow.

We've developed this program based on the knowledge that a complex interdependent relationship exists among school, family, and society. We advocate for an approach that ensures that educators are aware of the impact of culture, ethnicity, gender, history, values, and economics on the lives of children and families.

The Children, Families, & Schools program offers future researchers and practitioners a program of study in child development, childhood studies, and learning and examines how these topics relate to educational practice from birth through the early-childhood and elementary-school years.

The CSF program is interdisciplinary, and faculty have a wide range of scholarly interests including anthropology of education, early-childhood special education, developmental psychology, and early-childhood emergent bilingual education. Students are able to develop a program of study based on their interests and have opportunities to engage in graduate-level research.