Summary of the Enrollment Process 

  1. Step One: Activate your UMass Account (if you are new or returning after a long break)
  2. Step Two: Create an Enrollment Appointment (if you do not have one)
  3. Step Three: Enroll in Classes

Note that many students are not required to do all three steps. 

  • If you are a new student at UMass, or restarting after a long break, you will need to Activate Your UMass Account first (go to Step One) 
  • If you are a non-degree student, have taken a semester off, or it is summer session, you will need to Create an Enrollment Appointment (go to Step Two)
  • If you are an active student, or are a newly admitted Graduate Student, you can likely go ahead and Enroll in Classes (go to Step Three).

If you have questions about this process, and especially if you are having problems, please reach out to the online program. Contact information for programs can be found on the Online Student Resources page .

Step One: Activate Your UMass Account

In order to enroll in classes, you need to be able to log in to SPIRE, and you need to be listed as an active student with the Registrar’s Office. If you are an active student (you have a NetID, and have taken classes in the previous semester), you can go ahead and create an enrollment appointment (go to Step Two).

If this is your first class at UMass Amherst as a non-degree student

The first step is to create a student record. Go to On the log in page, on the right hand menu, go to Apply/References, select Non-Degree Enrollment Application and fill out the form there. Please note that although there is a field for Social Security Number, you do NOT need a Social Security Number to apply – just leave that field blank.

EXPECT A DELAY: You will receive an email with your NetID and password in 3-6 days.

If this is your first class at UMass Amherst as a Graduate student

The department typically registers and creates an enrollment appointment for you. Once you see that you are an active Graduate student in SPIRE, you can begin to register for classes (go to Step Three). 

If you are returning after not taking classes for one or more semesters 

As a returning student who has not taken classes recently, you will likely need to reactivate your student status by emailing regoff [at] uww [dot] umass [dot] edu.

Step Two: Create an enrollment appointment

Note before beginning Step Two: If you do not see the following navigation options in SPIRE, it is likely because you just received your NetID, or just reactivated your student status, and the changes have not yet made it through the system. Wait a day and try again. If you still have trouble after a day, contact regoff [at] uww [dot] umass [dot] edu.

Before you can enroll in a class, you need to confirm or activate your enrollment appointment in SPIRE. Your enrollment appointment is the timeframe during which you can enroll in classes for a given semester, and typically begins when class registration opens for a semester, and lasts until the end of the add/drop period once the semester begins.   

  1. Use your NetID and password to log in to SPIRE (
  2. In the Student Center, select the Manage Classes tile.
  3. Select Enrollment Appointments then UWW Enrollment Appointments and look to see if you have any active enrollment appointments. 
  4. If you do not see any active enrollment appointments, request an enrollment appointment by following these instructions (PDF). If you can't select the correct term when requesting an appointment, you may need to reactivate your student status by emailing regoff [at] uww [dot] umass [dot] edu (regoff[at]uww[dot]umass[dot]edu).
  5. Once you see an active enrollment appointment, you can begin registering for classes (step three).

For detailed instructions with screenshots see: Instructions on Enrollment Appointments

If you have any trouble activating an enrollment appointment, contact the UWW Registrar at regoff [at] umass [dot] edu (regoff[at]umass[dot]edu) or 413-545-3653

Step Three: Enroll in classes

Once you have an active enrollment appointment for the semester you wish to enroll, you can begin enrolling in classes (if you have trouble, revisit Step Two to make sure.) Note that we do not recommend using the Schedule Builder in SPIRE for enrolling in online classes. 

  1. Use your NetID and password to log in to SPIRE (
  2. Select the Manage Classes tile.
  3. On the left hand menu select Add, Drop & Edit Classes, then select Class Search, Add & Enroll. (Avoid using the Schedule Builder.) 
  4. Search for a class you want to take; confirm that it has a section with Univ+ (or UWW) under Session. 
  5. Check class information for details such as prerequisites, textbooks, and meeting times.
  6. Select the section (click the > on the right) to start the enrollment process.
  7. Follow the steps of the enrollment process. Enroll in the class (if you are enrolling in one class) or Add to Shopping Cart (if you are enrolling in several classes at once.)  
Additional support and instructions on how to enroll in classes

If you have questions about registering for classes, contact the program, or contact the UWW Registration Office by email at regoff [at] uww [dot] umass [dot] edu (regoff[at]uww[dot]umass[dot]edu) or by phone 413-545-3653 or 800-922-8211.