Program Aims

Our PhD program in School Psychology is aligned with the Standards of Accreditation for Health Service Psychology approved by the American Psychological Association. Our students are prepared for practice as school psychologists or for further post-doctoral training that will enable professional licensure in Health-Service Psychology.

Our program's goals are grounded in our theoretical approach and are illuminated in our course and practicum sequence that is sequential, cumulative, and graded in complexity. Our aims are:

  • To train psychologists in the critical appraisal of history, foundations, methods, and applications of psychological principles to the field of health-service psychology (broadly) and school psychology (specifically)
  • To train psychologists within an ecologically oriented, prevention-focused, and evidence-based practice and research paradigm
  • To train psychologists to be proficient consumers and contributors to research in school psychology
  • To train psychologists who understand and respect individual differences and are grounded in ethical approaches to practice

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