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What's the Purpose of Brand Architecture?

UMass Amherst's brand architecture supports our diverse entities, such as schools and colleges, centers and institutes, and non-academic support functions with clear, simple, and easy guidelines on how to use their wordmark with UMass Amherst's wordmark

Our brand architecture ensures that wordmarks look consistent across UMass Amherst’s many entities, helps each entity clearly identify its visual relationship with UMass Amherst, and works flexibly with various applications and possible size constraints. It is critical to understand that all previous wordmarks or visual identities that were used by schools, colleges, departments, programs, centers, and institutes alongside the UMass Amherst wordmark prior to this brand architecture are now void and cannot be used in any circumstance. 

Brand Guidelines

The university's brand architecture has three tiers, which may be used in all external, public-facing communication, such as the website, marketing campaigns, or print materials 

Web Brand Guidelines

Within our brand guidelines, are these web brand guidelines specific to the use of the university’s wordmark on the web.