The dietetic internship (DI) program is step two of earning the RD credential. Prospective interns must have a verification statement following the completion of the undergrad degree. The application process is highly competitive and not all who apply will be placed.

The nine-month certificate program provides varied and enriching supervised practice experiences that can form the broad basis for a career in dietetics. Accommodating up to 10 interns each year, the internship begins with an orientation in mid-August and ends in early May of the following year, with two weeks off in late December/early January.

Dietetic interns rotate among clinical, community, and food service sites in Massachusetts and southern Vermont, where they’ll gain experience in nutritional care, food service management, and community nutrition activities with individualized attention. Interns also meet one to three times per month for seminar and other academic and networking sessions.

Upon completion, interns can sit for the Registration Examination for Registered Dietitians to become a registered dietitian/nutritionist (RDN) and licensed dietitian/nutritionist (LDN) in Massachusetts or any state.