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My research focuses on four interconnected areas: (1) the epidemiology and etiology of premenstrual syndrome, (2) the epidemiology and etiology of accelerated reproductive aging and early menopause (3) the intersection of reproductive and cardiovascular health in women, and (4) how vitamin D impacts women’s health throughout the life course.

Increasing evidence suggests that early life experiences influence gynecologic health, and that premenopausal gynecologic health correlates with health after menopause. My work uses a life course approach to identify novel diet and behavioral factors for early life conditions such as premenstrual syndrome and reproductive aging, and then to assess whether these conditions may share common etiology and/or risk factor profiles with hypertension and cardiovascular disease later in life. My goals are both to identify new ways for women to improve their gynecologic health, and to determine if gynecologic health conditions may be early sentinels for cardiovascular disease. The ability to identify young women at high risk for later cardiovascular disease would provide new opportunities for early intervention, and thus could have a substantial impact on improving women’s health.