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My research focuses on the intersections of race/ethnicity, gender, class, migration, and other socioeconomic and sociocultural constructs, and their relationship to health and educational issues. Further, I am invested in the development and implementation of community, institutional, and policy-level strategies to better serve Latinx and other marginalized communities in the United States and Latin America. The strength of my research and evaluation efforts lies in partnership with community agencies to facilitate programmatic and policy change, and in testing equity constructs using primary and secondary data sources. To date this has included work on: (1) experiences of health care discrimination and medical mistrust among young-adult and churchgoing Latinos, (2) everyday discrimination and educational attainment among first-generation Latinx students and their families, (3) cardiovascular disease and use of health care services among Latinx farmworkers, (4) institutional and policy challenges to addressing health inequities in Ecuador, and (5) strengthening civic engagement for health. I have commented on my research and provided insights on Latinx health and educational issues for major news outlets, including The New York TimesNPRThe Washington Post, and USA Today.

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