The pre-veterinary science major is designed to provide preprofessional training to students planning to continue their education in veterinary, graduate, or medical school or who are contemplating joining the teaching profession.

You’ll enter the program as an animal science major, and then work to qualify for and apply to the pre-veterinary science major. Through the courses, you will develop a foundation in animal science and management, as well as biology and chemistry, and then move on to more advanced courses in areas including genetics, reproduction, immunology, nutrition, organic chemistry, veterinary microbiology, and more.

Gain hands-on experience by participating in research and caring for the animals at the UMass Hadley Farm Equine and Livestock Research and Education Center and the South Deerfield Complex, as well as working at a local dairy farm. 

Experience working in the laboratories of nationally and internationally recognized scientists studying immunology, reproduction and development, genetics, cancer, and toxicology.