The BS in plant and soil sciences at UMass Amherst will help you utilize theoretical and practical training and to apply knowledge from different disciplines in tackling real-world problems.

In the major, you’ll get a foundation in biology and laboratory methods while focusing on one of two general areas: plant science or general applied biology. Within these areas, the curriculum can be tailored to your individual academic interests and career objectives in areas such as horticultural science, plant pathology, plant science and biotechnology, soil science, and other related disciplines.  

You’ll also gain hands-on experience and learn more about desired career paths or further courses of study through independent study research projects or internships. 

Many successful plant and soil science graduates work in research or applied aspects of the biotech industries, agricultural and horticultural businesses, environmental consulting areas, and pest management. Others go on to advanced graduate training for careers in academia, business, or the public sector.