In the microbiology major at UMass Amherst, you’ll explore wide-ranging elements of the field and the immense impact microorganisms have on our world.

You’ll build a solid foundation in the sciences, including chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. To tailor your degree to your interests and skills, you’ll also be able to choose from coursework in areas such as molecular and microbial genetics, immunology, virology, microbial physiology, pathogenic bacteriology, biotechnology, and microbial ecology.

Along the way, you’ll have hands-on experiences participating in independent research projects with faculty members, and you’ll have the chance to participate in summer internships and cooperative education programs.

Microbiology is a growing field. Recent advancements and events related to the COVID-19 pandemic have created a tremendous demand in microbial biotechnology, pathogenic microbiology, and environmental microbiology that will continue into the next decade. With a BS in microbiology, you’ll be well prepared for careers in industry, health care, or government agencies, as well as for postgraduate programs or academia.