The MS in microbiology at UMass Amherst will prepare you for a career as an independent microbiologist by developing your knowledge of the discipline and skills needed for oral and written communication, laboratory work, teaching and research, and professional work practices.

You can choose a thesis track (ideal for students with strongly focused research interests) or a non-thesis track (ideal for those wishing to emphasize breadth of knowledge).

Regardless of which track you choose, you’ll select from advanced courses that suit your interests and career goals, such as biotechnology, biochemistry, microbial physiology, parasitology, molecular genetics, and more.

You’ll be part of a research-rich and inclusive learning community, working with renowned faculty on areas such as microbial biotechnology, pathogenic microbiology, and environmental microbiology. You’ll also have opportunities for hands-on learning through fieldwork, independent projects, internships, and more.

UMass Amherst also offers a one-year MS in applied molecular biotechnology designed for students interested in careers related to the biopharma industries.