The MS in applied molecular biotechnology (AMB) at UMass Amherst is an accelerated, professional degree program designed for students with an interest in the biopharmaceutical industries.

In this one-year program, you’ll combine hands-on laboratory training with coursework as you train in the latest techniques and concepts in molecular biology and biochemistry, such as PCR cloning, CRISPR, RNAi, protein expression, cell culture, and 3D protein structure.

You’ll tackle real-world research problems with faculty within the microbiology department and other departments on campus using state-of-the-art instrumentation. You’ll also gain professional experience through networking, mentoring, attending career fairs, visiting biotech companies, and participating in internship programs.

AMB graduates go on to PhD, medical, and professional programs, while many others work at biotech companies or research institutions in the Boston area and beyond.

UMass Amherst also offers a traditional MS in microbiology for students looking to build the knowledge and skills they need for a career as an independent microbiologist.