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Center for Applied Mathematics & Computation

The Center for Applied Mathematics and Computation involves faculty members and graduate students in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Massachusetts who are interested in research and instruction in applied mathematics and scientific computation. The Center supports several  research seminar series. The M.S. Program in Applied Mathematics, a two-year professional degree program for students who seek industrial employment, is also coordinated by the Center.

The research interests of the Applied Mathematics faculty span diverse fields of modern applied mathematics and  scientific computing: predictive modeling, data science  and machine learning,  numerical analysis and scientific computing, including methods for deterministic and stochastic PDE, molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo methods; stochastic modelling, probability theory, stochastic processes and equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics; nonlinear PDE, harmonic analysis, dynamical systems, and mathematical physics and mathematical & computational biology. Members of the faculty are also directly involved in applications, among others in medicine, biology, epidemiology, imaging, opinion dynamics and networks, fluid dynamics, geosciences, materials science, optics and soft-condensed matter physics.

The most significant development  in the last few years in the field of Applied Mathematics is the emergent synergy between Applied & Computational Mathematics with  Data Science, Machine Learning  and Artificial Intelligence. Our faculty members participate as principal investigators and senior personnel in  the NSF-funded UMASS TRIPODS Institute on Theoretical Foundations of Data Science. The Institute brings together  faculty from  Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics and Electrical Engineering.

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Faculty, Postdocs, and Visiting Assistant Professors
Research Areas
PhD and MSc Students
Alumni of the Center

Director of CAM: Markos Katsoulakisinfo-icon
Director of M.S. program in Applied Mathematics: Qian-Yong Cheninfo-icon


Postdocs and Visiting Assistant Professors:

Emeritus Faculty:

Robert Gardnerinfo-icon, George Knightlyinfo-icon, Donald St. Maryinfo-icon, Bruce Turkingtoninfo-icon

Affiliated Faculty:

Maryclare Griffininfo-icon (Statistics), Eric Polizziinfo-icon (ECE, Adjunct), Sohrab Shahshahaniinfo-icon (Analysis, PDE)


Research Areas

Data Science, Machine Learning  and Predictive Modeling: Qian-Yong Cheninfo-icon, Weiqi Chuinfo-icon (starting, August 2023), Patrick Flahertyinfo-icon, Maryclare Griffininfo-icon (Statistics), Markos Katsoulakisinfo-icon, Yao Liinfo-icon, Yulong Luinfo-icon, Luc Rey-Belletinfo-icon, Leili Shahriyariinfo-icon, Wei Zhuinfo-icon

Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory:  Yao Liinfo-icon, Luc Rey-Belletinfo-icon, Hongkun Zhanginfo-icon

Fluid DynamicsNathaniel Whitakerinfo-icon, Robin Younginfo-icon

Mathematical Biology: Andreas Buttenschoeninfo-icon, Patrick Flahertyinfo-iconPanos Kevrekidisinfo-icon, Yao Liinfo-icon, Yulong Luinfo-icon, Leili Shahriyariinfo-icon, Nathaniel Whitakerinfo-icon

Mathematical Physics: Panos Kevrekidisinfo-icon, Yao Liinfo-icon, Yulong Luinfo-icon, Luc Rey-Belletinfo-icon, HongKun Zhanginfo-icon, Wei Zhuinfo-icon, Eric Polizziinfo-icon (ECE adjunct)

Nonlinear PDEs: Andreas Buttenschoeninfo-icon, Panos Kevrekidisinfo-icon, Andrea Nahmodinfo-icon, Robin Younginfo-icon

Scientific Computing: Andreas Buttenschoeninfo-icon, Qian-Yong Cheninfo-icon, Weiqi Chuinfo-icon (starting, August 2023), Matthew Dobsoninfo-icon, Markos Katsoulakisinfo-icon, Panos Kevrekidisinfo-icon, Yao Liinfo-icon, Yulong Luinfo-icon, Brian Van Koteninfo-icon, Nathaniel Whitakerinfo-icon, Wei Zhuinfo-icon, Eric Polizziinfo-icon

Stochastic Modeling, Probability and Statistical Mechanics: Matthew Dobsoninfo-icon, Markos Katsoulakisinfo-icon, Yao Liinfo-icon, Yulong Luinfo-icon, Luc Rey-Belletinfo-icon, Leili Shahriyariinfo-icon,  Brian Van Koteninfo-icon, HongKun Zhanginfo-icon

PhD Students:

Byeongho Bahn, Shaoxuan Cheninfo-iconFrank Coleinfo-icon, Abdel Kader Geraldoinfo-icon, Hyemin Guinfo-icon, Ning Jianginfo-iconTangxin Jininfo-icon,  John Kaushageninfo-iconConnor M. Kennedyinfo-icon,  Shrohan Mohapatrainfo-iconKien Nguyeninfo-icon, Ryan Rossinfo-icon, Dilruba Sofiainfo-icon, Georgios Tsoliasinfo-icon, Yaping Yuaninfo-icon

MSc Students:

Year 1: Abdulrahman Aleneziinfo-icon, Godfred Amponsahinfo-icon, William Howeinfo-icon, Lindsay Knuppinfo-icon, David Masseinfo-icon, John Rasnicinfo-icon, Minh Triet Voinfo-icon, Yuting Zhanginfo-icon

Year 2: Peter Delmastroinfo-icon, Carl Eadlerinfo-icon, Daniel Homerinfo-icon, Samuel Niemeierinfo-icon, Ishita Pandainfo-icon,  Xindong Tianinfo-icon

Alumni of the Center - list under (constant) construction:

Makrina Agaoglou (Assistant Professor, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid)

Georgios Arampatzisinfo-icon (Researcher, ETH, Switzerland)

Sasanka Areinfo-icon (Vice President, Cerner Intelligence)

Panagiota Birmpainfo-icon (Assistant Professor, Heriot-Watt University, UK)

Jeremiah Birrellinfo-icon (Consulting, Data Science/Machine Learning)

Michael Boratkoinfo-icon (Research Scientist, Google Brain)

Christopher Boucher (Professor, Salem State University)

Rene Cabrerainfo-icon (Postdoc, University of Texas, Austin)

Stathis Charalampidisinfo-icon (Assistant Professor, Cal Poly)

Geng Cheninfo-icon (Associate Professor, University of Kansas)

Jianyu Cheninfo-icon (Professor, Soochow University, China)

Zhixiong Chen (Professor, New Jersey City University)

Christopher Chonginfo-icon (Associate Professor, Bowdoin College)

Peter Costa (Principal Applied Mathematician, Hologic, Inc)

Marius Costeniuc  (Senior Vice President,  Swiss Re)

Michael Diehlinfo-icon (Professor, Endicott College)

Mei Duanmuinfo-icon (Principal Financial Modeling, Discover)

Adam Eisner (Senior Systems Engineer, Raytheon)

Jesus A. Espinola-Rocha (Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico)

Jinchao Fenginfo-icon (Postdoc, Johns Hopkins University)

Bettina  Gertjerenken (Simulations Engineer, VARTA, AG)

Elena Giorgiinfo-icon (Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL))

Kostis Gourgoulias (Machine Learning Lead,  JPMorgan, UK)

Eric  Hallinfo-icon (Assistant Professor, Dundee University, UK)

Amanda Hattaway (Data Scientist, True North Consulting)

Kyle Haven (Senior Quantitative Analyst, Aozora Bank, Japan)

Gregory Herring (Associate Professor, Cameron University)

Sung-Ha Hwanginfo-icon (Endowed Chair Professor, KAIST, S. Korea)

Richard Jordan (Principal Data Scientist, Health Data Analytics Institute)

Evangelia Kalligiannaki (Associate Professor, University of the Aegean, Greece)

Georgia Karali (Professor, University of Crete, Greece)

Alvin Kho (Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School)

Arkadz Kirshtein (Norbert Wiener Assistant Professor, Tufts University)

Kostas Kotsiopoulos (Principal Research Scientist, Discover)

Kody Lawinfo-icon (Professor, University of Manchester, UK)

John Leeinfo-icon (Data Scientist, Miltenyi Biotec)

Jingran Li (Senior Data Analyst, Gametime)

Kai Li (Lead Data Scientist, CCC Intelligent Solutions)

Zeng Lianinfo-icon, (Endowed Chair Professor, Sichuan University, China )

Jonathan Maackinfo-icon (Researcher, National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL))

Patrick Miller (Associate Professor, Stevens Tech)

Trang Minh Leinfo-icon (Research Scientist, Facebook)

Alexey Miroshnikovinfo-icon (Senior Principal Research Scientist, Discover)

Luke Mohrinfo-icon (Data Scientist, EWI)

Visweswaran Nageswaran (Barclays Investment Bank)

Peter Otto (Professor, Willamette University)

Yannis Pantazis (Researcher, FORTH, Greece)

Zoi Rapti (Professor, UIUC)

Vishal Sarsani (Postdoctoral Researcher, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)

Yannan Sheninfo-icon (Assistant Professor, University of Kansas)

Milena Stanislavova (Professor, UAB)

Atanas Stefanov (Professor, UAB)

Idris Stovall (Founder & CEO, MSI Solutions)

Sumeyye Su (Data Scientist,Neiman Marcus Group)

Hadi Susantoinfo-icon (Professor, Khalifa University, UAE)

Georgios Theocharis (Researcher, CNRS, Le Mans, France)

Mithun Thudiyangalinfo-icon (Assistant Professor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India)

José Trashorras (Maître de conférences, Paris Dauphine)

Dimitrios Tsagkarogiannis (Professor, UNIVAQ, Italy)

Nikolaos Tzirakis (Professor, UIUC)

Pedro Vilanovainfo-icon (Assistant Professor, Stevens Tech)

Chenyu Wanginfo-icon (Vice President, Sr Quantitative Finance Analyst, Bank of America)

Jie Wanginfo-icon (Lead Modeler, Discover)

Haitao Xuinfo-icon (Associate Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)

Weng-Qing Xu (Professor, Cal State, Long Beach)

Dong Yaninfo-icon (Expert Modeling Analyst, Experian)

Yaping Yuaninfo-icon (Model Analytics, Citibank)

Jiayu Zhaiinfo-icon (Assistant Professor,Shanghai Tech University)

Pengfei Zhanginfo-icon (Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma)

Zijing Zhanginfo-icon (Associate Director,  Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Oncology)

Tingting Zhao (Assistant Professor, Bryant University)