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Faculty in statistics have a range of interests from theoretical, to methodological, to applied. We regularly consult and collaborate with our colleagues throughout the university and participate in multidisciplinary research. We offer a Statistics and Data Science Concentration for undergraduate math majors and two graduate degrees: an M.S. in Statistics (available both in person and remote) and a Ph.D. in Statistics. Jointly with CICS, we also offer a Certificate in Statistical and Computational Data Science. The Statistics and Data Science Seminar features both theoretical and applied talks and internal and external speakers.

Statistics Faculty

John Staudenmayer




Erin Conlon



Anna Liu




Daeyoung Kim




Krista Gile



Patrick Flaherty

Associate Professor


Lulu Kang

Associate Professor

Maryclare Griffin

Assistant Professor



Haben Michael

Assistant Professor


Ted Westling

Assistant Professor



Carlos Soto

Assistant Professor

Qian Zhao

Assistant Professor (Starting Spring 2024)


Joanna Jeneralczuk

Senior Lecturer II



Yalin Rao

Visiting Assistant Professor


Sepideh Mosaferi

Visiting Assistant Professor



Jonathan Larson

Visiting Assistant Professor



Statistics Adjacent Faculty

Brian Van Koten

Assistant Professor



Weiqi Chu

Assistant Professor


Yulong Lu

Assistant Professor (On Leave)




Current Statistics Ph.D. Students

Meilan Cheninfo-icon, Yujian Wuinfo-icon, Zhou Tanginfo-icon, Anjali Albertinfo-icon, Amirhossein Alvandiinfo-icon, Lujia Wanginfo-icon, Rui Huinfo-icon, Harsh Vardhan Dubeyinfo-icon, Alexis Doyle Connollyinfo-icon, Thomas Cookinfo-icon, Shaoxuan Cheninfo-icon, Yun Jianginfo-icon, Yilin Zhuinfo-icon, Ning Duaninfo-icon, Ankit Kumarinfo-icon, Thomas Robackerinfo-icon, Junhui Yanginfo-icon, Qilu Zhouinfo-icon, Rui Cheninfo-icon, Isabella Hurleyinfo-icon, Maru Kiminfo-icon, Mst Afsana Mimiinfo-icon, Cheng Wanginfo-icon, Yu Wanginfo-icon, Derrick Wuinfo-icon,  Minshen Xuinfo-icon

Current Statistics M.S. Students

Peiqi Jianginfo-icon, Amy Stepheninfo-icon, Denis Folitseinfo-icon, Hasmik Grigoryaninfo-icon, Sandani Kumanayakeinfo-icon, Christopher Odoominfo-icon, Hanyu Xiaoinfo-icon, Rose Portainfo-icon, Owen Gallagherinfo-icon,  Andrew Hennesseyinfo-icon, Isaac Macarthurinfo-icon, Foster Oseiinfo-icon, Ziyan Zhaoinfo-icon, Xinyu Zhouinfo-icon

Statistics Ph.D. Alumni

Shai Heinfo-iconJi Ah Leeinfo-iconBright Antwi Boasiakoinfo-iconVishal Kumar Sarsaniinfo-icon

Statistics M.S. Alumni

Samad Abbasiinfo-icon, Ka Wing Cheunginfo-icon, Benjamin Abakah Abijahinfo-icon, Edwin Amponsahinfo-icon, Vishwajith Reddy Anagandulainfo-icon, Vishvesh Sanjay Gandhiinfo-iconTaesu Kiminfo-iconSijing Yuinfo-icon, Claire Caseyinfo-icon

Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Services

Who We Are

SCCS provides statistical consulting and collaboration to researchers at UMass, the Five Colleges, and elsewhere, through individual meetings and support for interdisciplinary research projects. The SCCS staff are statistics faculty and students at UMass and the Five Colleges.

For more information about consulting services, please visit their webpage.