LGRT 1559

Professor Kevrekidis studies a variety of systems chiefly stemming from the mathematical physics of optical systems (waveguide arrays and optical fibers), as well as from the soft-condensed matter setting of Bose-Einstein Condensates. The research mainly revolves around the existence, stability and dynamics of localized (solitary wave) structures in such one-, two- and three-dimensional setups, often described by equations of Nonlinear Schrodinger or Klein-Gordon type. While the settings under study are principally Hamiltonian in nature (often featuring external potentials, or being genuinely discrete and posed on, so-called, dynamical lattices), occasionally dissipative perturbations thereof are also considered. Besides this main thrust of research Professor Kevrekidis also maintains a wide variety of additional interests including mathematical biology [especially tumor angionesis, nephron dynamics and DNA models], simple cosmological models, the nucleation of liquid droplets in the atmosphere, gelation and related phase transition phenomena in polymers, aerosol dynamics in the atmosphere and in the human body [inhalation and desposition of particles in the respiratory tract], catalytic chemistry and reaction-diffusion models, and dynamics and energy landscapes of glassy materials among others.


Ph.D. Rutgers University, 2000

M.S. Rutgers University, 1998

B.Sc. University of Athens, 1996


Mathematical Physics; Nonlinear PDEs and DDEs; Dynamical Systems; Mathematical Biology

Selected Publications

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