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Algebraic Geometry

Faculty members doing research in Algebraic Geometry participate in the Five College Valley Geometry Seminar. In addition to being the main research seminar in algebraic geometry and related areas, this seminar also features talks intended for a general audience with geometric interests of some form or other.  The Algebraic Geometry Reading Seminar meets weekly and concentrates on most recent and exciting developments in Algebraic Geometry. Another goal of this seminar is to introduce interested graduate students to possible directions of research in Algebraic Geometry.

The Algebraic Geometry group at Umass Amherst coorganizes AGNES: Algebraic Geometry Northeastern Series, a biannual regional conference in Algebraic Geometry with an emphasis on graduate students and young researchers.

In addition to regularly scheduled graduate courses, we offer reading courses, independent study projects, Honors Thesis advising, and REU (research experience for undergraduates) projects for interested graduate and undergraduate students.