In order to obtain the BA degree in Comparative Literature offered at UMass Amherst, the eligible student should choose one of the tracks outlined below. All tracks emphasize the analysis and comparison of works from several national literary traditions (one of which may be English), and the study of these works in their original language. The third track also explores the relation of literature to an extraliterary discipline, such as sociology, history, music, or film.

See our sample course plans for help planning your track through the major.

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Corine Tachtiris, Undergraduate Program Director in Comparative Literature, at @email.



Important information

Some of the languages Comparative Literature majors have studied at UMass

Arabic • Catalan • Early Irish • English • French • German • Greek • Hungarian • Italian • Latin • Malay • Polish • Portuguese • Russian • Spanish • Wolof • Yiddish

Comparative Literature majors have friends around the world

Our majors often study abroad during a semester, summer, or academic year.

Related programs at UMass

Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies • Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies • Medieval Studies Certification Program • Translation and Interpreting Certificate

Comparative Literature majors are often double majors in

Art History • Chinese • Classics • Communication • English • French • German • Italian • Japanese • Judaic Studies • Linguistics • Spanish