Welcome to the UMass PEGC!

Participants in this 15-credit UMass Amherst Program Evaluation Certificate program study the fundamental practices of program evaluation--including engaging with stakeholders, evaluation contracting & budgeting, logic modeling, evaluation design, mixed methods, data visualization, cultural responsiveness, and facilitating use. 

Whether you work in a small non-profit setting, a large governmental agency, an international program, a grant-making foundation, or a multi-agency network, this Program Evaluation Graduate Certificate will increase your capacity to design and carry out useful, feasible, methodologically robust, ethical, socially just program evaluation.

Many professionals responsible for evaluating programs have little or no formal training in the competencies or standards of the field of evaluation. A good many of us who have become evaluators actually "stumbled" into the field by accident. 

Whether you are evaluation curious or an in-practice evaluator, this certificate program is for you!