The Special Education program is not currently accepting applications for the Education Specialist degree. 

The Education Specialist (EdS) degree provides an intensive, cohesive program of professional development for educational specialists beyond the master's level. The program requires an academic-specific specialty area without the extended commitment and formal examination of the doctoral program.

The EdS is awarded upon completion of a 30-credit-hour program of study beyond the master's level. All 30 credits must be taken at the University within a 4-year period, and at least 15 credits must be taken in the College of Education. A minimum of 18 credits used toward fulfillment of the EdS requirement must be at or above the 600 level.

Students who complete the EdS program in Special Education go on to work as consultants, educators, and leaders in the field of special education. Students also have the option to apply for the PhD program after they have started the EdS and may transfer credits from their EdS program of study upon acceptance. Students plan their course of study with their advisors.