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Teach Week. Join us for a series of workshops and a course design consultation clinic to help you generate and implement new course design ideas.

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Follow our flowchart designed to assist instructors in thinking through the implications of choices they may be making about the use of generative AI tools in their courses.

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Strategies for helping students make more positive decisions about class attendance by discussing how attendance supports their learning, supplying guidance on how to use supplemental course materials, and promoting incentives rather than penalties. 

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Strategies for creating a learner-focused, accessible, supportive syllabus.

Faculty Successes

Spring 2021

How can instructors reduce student textbook costs and make a curriculum more inclusive at the same time? Stacy Giufre and Melina Masterson, Lecturers in the Italian Language Program, hoping to offer a more inclusive curriculum to their students and reduce the barrier of entry to their classes, used one of the Libraries Open Education Initiative Grants to write a new elementary Italian textbook. Taking advantage of Open Education Resources need not involve the creation of new materials – many people adapt existing materials – but professors Giufre and Masterson and their team did a wonderful job creating a new, affordable text for their students. Read more about their motivations, excellent work, and collaborative approach to improving student learning.

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