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Follow our flowchart designed to assist instructors in thinking through the implications of choices they may be making about the use of generative AI tools in their courses.

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Strategies for helping students make more positive decisions about class attendance by discussing how attendance supports their learning, supplying guidance on how to use supplemental course materials, and promoting incentives rather than penalties. 

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Strategies for creating a learner-focused, accessible, supportive syllabus.


Faculty Successes

Spring 2023

Dr. Rachel Mordecai, Associate Professor of Caribbean Literature in English, leverages discussion-based teaching techniques to not only enhance students' critical thinking and understanding of complex topics but also to foster an inclusive, dynamic learning community where diverse perspectives are shared and respected. By employing strategies such as varying discussion formats, visualizing discussions, and allowing students to have a say in the course material, she ensures active student engagement and ownership over their learning and helps students develop strong communication and collaborative skills. 

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