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The CTL is now accepting departmental nominations for the 2023 Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching – a competitive prize presented with a $10,000 award honoring one outstanding faculty member from each of the five UMass campuses. The deadline for departments to submit the name of the faculty they nominate is Friday, December 9, 2022. For more details, please see the CTL Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching webpage. If you have any questions, please contact the Manning Prize Committee at

Featured Programs & Resources

A group of three people discussing at a table.

Strategies for navigating and managing yourself during hot moments during class discussions, and helping students process conflict.

Profile of Lena Fletcher in snowy landscape

You may have heard about colleagues using contemplative techniques in their teaching, but wondered what exactly happens. Lena Fletcher explains how she uses short meditations in her large classes to deepen engagement with challenging course concepts.

Hands holding broken heart.

Practices and strategies that you can use to help you and your students talk in ways that support positive engagement and minimize harm and unproductive conflict

Faculty Successes

Spring 2021

Philosophy: How does one create videos that students want to watch?

Sophie Horowitz, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, engages students in her large introductory courses of 100+ students through brief pre-recorded videos.

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