NEW! Flexible Course (Re)Design Modules

The CTL is here to support you in effectively designing or re-imagining your courses, regardless of whether you teach in a face-to-face, face-to-face/blended or fully online configuration, through our new Flexible Course (Re)Design modules. Our modules are structured so you can reflect on your prior instruction, reimagine your course outcomes and structure, develop appropriate assessments and engagement activities for any setting, and teach inclusively and equitably. To learn more about the modules please visit:

Keep Teaching

Our Keep Teaching site provides practical concrete strategies and examples to answer common questions faculty have when transitioning a course (or components of a course) online. These strategies are grounded in educational research and the science of learning. These common faculty questions are grouped by categories that reflect the University Quality Standards for Fully Online Courses.

Course and Syllabus Consultations

CTL offers individual course and syllabus consultations throughout the summer. To schedule a consultation, please submit a Phone and Zoom Teaching Consultations Request Form. 

Inclusive Syllabus Design

Check out our new video series and accompanying resources on Six Principles of an Inclusive Syllabus Design to help you create a well-designed inclusive syllabus that provides your students with a pathway of learning through your course.  To learn more, please visit: