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A group of three people discussing at a table.

Strategies for navigating and managing yourself during hot moments during class discussions, and helping students process conflict.

Elkie Burnside

A recent project created by Elkie Burnside, Assistant Director of the Writing Program, and her colleagues, shows that OERs have the potential to engage students and faculty in a meaningful collaborative process of text creation. 

Black woman sitting at a desk taking a written exam.

Crafting higher-order questions, giving practice opportunities, and clarifying your testing conditions are approaches to designing a good exam.

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Faculty Successes

Fall 2020

What are the benefits of reaching out? The CTL interviewed Steve Petsch, Associate Professor in the Department of Geosciences, about some success he has found in engaging students who may be falling behind in his 200-person General Education course. Reaching out personally to students has helped them feel cared for and learn professional communication habits.  Read more about Steve’s strategies and the impact of his outreach.

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