The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) offers a number of funding opportunities to support the teaching and professional development of faculty members at UMass Amherst. Please see below for more information and application instructions for each of these opportunities.


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College Outstanding Teaching Award (COTA)

The COTA program honors faculty members for their teaching accomplishments at the college level. Award consists of $1,000 and a commemorative plaque. Open to full-time faculty who meet specific requirements.


Distinguished Teaching Award

The Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA) honors exemplary teaching at the highest institutional level. Award recipients receive a monetary prize, and their names are inscribed on the DTA memorial wall in the Integrative Learning Center. Faculty recipients are awarded $3,500, and graduate students are awarded $2,000. 

2017 Manning Prize winner Haivan Hoang

Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching honors outstanding faculty members who demonstrate excellence in teaching along with exemplary dedication to students and the campus community.  This award was established in 2015 and is presented annually to one faculty member from each of the five campuses of the University of Massachusetts with a $10,000 award. 


Students presenting in Caitlyn Butler's engineering class

Flex Grant

Flex Grants are small grants of $500 that are funded by the campus through the MSP contract. Grants are intended to support faculty professional development related to teaching. Open to all MSP bargaining unit faculty and librarians. 

Periodic Multi-Year Review (PMYR) Grant

PMYR Grants for Professional Development in Teaching are designed to support the teaching development goals of tenured faculty. Proposals can address a wide range of teaching development activities. Grant provides Associate and Full Professors with grants of up to $3,000. Separate from any PMYR funds faculty members may receive from their college.

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Open Education Initiative Grant

The Open Education Initiative is a faculty incentive program that encourages the use of existing low-cost or free information resources to support student learning. CTL partners with the UMass Library, Instructional Innovation, and the Provost's Office to support the Open Education Initiative program and offer grants.