Grants and Awards

Grants and Awards

CTL contributes to UMass Amherst’s culture of teaching excellence through leadership, logistical support, and the celebration of teaching accomplishments.

The Flex Grant and Periodic Multi-Year Review (PMYR) programs help faculty acquire funds to redesign curricula, buy teaching supplies, attend teaching conferences, and more.

The Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA) is the only student-initiated campuswide award for exemplary teaching.

CTL also works with the individual colleges to administer the College Outstanding Teaching Award (COTA), which honors faculty members for their teaching accomplishments at the college level.

The Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching, a system-wide honor, recognizes excellence in teaching along with exemplary dedication to students and the campus community.

CTL also works with other campus units on Collaborative Grant opportunities such as the Open Education Initiative and the Sustainability Curriculum Fellowship.