MAP Program

MAP Program

The MAP Request Form has closed for spring 2024.

If you would like to collect your own student feedback:

If you have any questions about the MAP program or how to implement your own mid-semester assessment, please contact Beth Lisi at


What is a MAP?


Blocks organized in separate groups by color Silhouette of blue figure represnting CTL and tan figure representing you Silhouette of you standing in front of five student silhouette's
A CTL consultant collects, analyzes, and synthesizes student feedback on the course. Then meets with you to discuss the feedback and possible teaching strategies. After thanking your students for their feedback, you share any course changes you may make.

The MAP is a confidential and voluntary service the CTL provides to instructors to enable them to get student feedback on a course while the course is in progress. After collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing student feedback, a CTL consultant will meet with you to share the MAP Summary Report and discuss possible teaching strategies. After the consultation, you will share a summary of the feedback with your students, any changes you may make in response to the MAP, and thank them for taking the time to provide feedback. 

Instructors may request one MAP per semester for one course section on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to faculty. 


How does the MAP Program work?

We are now offering instructors the opportunity to request a face-to-face or remote MAP. The table below depicts the differences between the two options.

Description Face-to-Face MAP Remote MAP
Timing of the MAP Conducted any time during weeks 4-9 of the semester. Conducted any time during weeks 4-9 of the semester.


Takes the first 20-25 minutes of class time on a specific class day.  Survey is open for 7 days.

Teaching Context

Conducted in a face-to-face course on the Amherst campus only.

Conducted in a face-to-face course on the Mount Ida and Springfield campuses only. Conducted in fully online courses.
Feedback Collection Process
  1. CTL consultant visits class while class is in session.  
  2. The instructor leaves the room.  
  3. First, students complete a survey individually.
  4. CTL consultant conducts a whole class debrief before leaving.
  1. CTL consultant will provide the instructor with a link to the Remote MAP survey.
  2. Instructor will post survey link in their Moodle or Blackboard course during the module week when the Remote MAP is conducted.
  3. Students have a week to complete the survey individually.
Timing of the Post-Map Consultation Approximately one week after feedback is collected.

Approximately one week after the survey closes.

Considerations A face-to-face MAP will take 20-25 minutes at the beginning of class. Due to challenges with response rates, we encourage instructors to remind students often about the survey during the MAP week.


What are the benefits of doing a MAP?

Gain insights into teaching Instructor Opens up a dialogue about teaching Students Examine assumptions about teaching
Learn targeted strategies Increases trust Encourages student reflection

By doing a MAP, instructors will gain insights into their teaching and how students learn in their classes, as well as identify specific strategies to improve their instruction. Students also benefit from participating in a MAP: they are given opportunities to examine their assumptions about teaching and reflect on their learning. Past participants of the MAP noted that the experience helped to open up a dialogue with their students on teaching and learning, increased the level of trust between student and teacher, and contributed to an effective learning environment.

If you would like to collect your own student feedback, please see our Guidelines for Implementing Your Own Mid-Semester Assessment (available on OneDrive with a UMass account).