Equity Action Plan Instructional Resources

Equity Action Plan Instructional Resources

Equity Action Plan

The classroom Equity Action Plan was born out of a collaborative effort across different offices on campus and will be supported and maintained by representatives from the Office of the Provost, the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI), Instructional Design, Engagement and Support (IDEAS), the Office of Academic Planning and Assessment (OAPA), University Analytics an Institutional Research (UAIR), and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). An interactive TEAMS channel has been created to provide you with the resources necessary to plan and execute these equity actions as well as to provide you with a community of practice and collaboration. The Equity Action instructional resources, including teaching examples and strategies, developed by CTL are included below and may also be found on the TEAMs site.

Whom do I contact with questions about the Equity Action Plan?

For general inquiries about the Classroom Equity Action Plan, and to be added to the TEAMS channel, please contact the Office of the Provost through email at eap-provost@umass.edu  

For general information about the rationale for the implementation of the Classroom Equity Action plan, evaluation, and overall academic impact, please contact the Office of the Provost through email at eap-provost@umass.edu

For specific information about the climate survey data and belonging at UMass, please contact OEI  at diversityadmin@umass.edu

For information on syllabus design and ideas for implementing specific action plans, please contact CTLInstructors may also schedule consultations to discuss their individual teaching needs. 

For information on assessment, equity action plan submissions, and survey analysis, please contact OAPA.  

For assistance with the evaluation and selection of optimal technologies, and consultation on ways to integrate them into departmental workflows, and provide appropriate training resources. Please contact instruct@umass.edu to schedule a consult with an instructional designer on the IDEAS team.