Flash 15

Flash 15

Flash 15 highlights a specific teaching approach or strategy that you can use in your course during the semester. During each 15-minute micro learning session, you’ll learn what the approach is, how to implement or adapt it to different teaching contexts, and how to use a specially-designed interactive planning tool to help you easily implement the strategy in your own course. All Flash 15s are offered as a live online session and a recorded asynchronous session.

Live online Flash 15 sessions for fall 2023 include:

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Tue, Sep 26, 2:00pm - 2:15pm by Zoom and facilitated by Brian Baldi

Looking for a simple strategy that can help students engage more deeply with course readings? In this 15-minute micro session, you’ll learn about “Keywords,” a teaching activity that encourages close reading of texts and can be particularly helpful in theory-based courses in the humanities and social sciences (or any course that involves complex readings). 

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Video Resource Coming Soon, developed by Sara Cavallo

How do you encourage students to meaningfully engage with feedback on assignments? Join us for a 15-minute micro session on assignment wrappers--a strategy to encourage reflective practices that supports building study skills and fostering deeper engagement with course materials before or after students complete big assignments including exams, papers, and capstone projects. 

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Wed, Oct 11, 2:30pm - 2:45pm by Zoom and facilitated by Beth Lisi

Do you want to spark curiosity by asking students to go beyond surface-level learning? In this 15-minute micro session, you’ll learn about interrupted case studies—a teaching activity that uses real-life scenarios to prompt student discussion, exploration, and risk-taking—and how you could adapt it to your teaching context. 

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Wed, Oct 18, 9:30am - 9:45am by Zoom and facilitated by Colleen Kuusinen

How can you move students beyond the “divide and conquer” approach to group work towards true cooperative learning and its potential for transformational learning? In this 15-minute micro session, you’ll learn about a type of group work contract that supports students to build towards a more inclusive form of group work. 

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Thu, Oct 26, 11:00am - 11:15am by Zoom and facilitated by Claire Hamilton

Do you want to hear from all your students during class discussions? In this 15-minute micro session, you'll learn about random calling, a systematic evidence-based strategy for eliciting student class participation that diversifies student voices, increases overall student engagement, and promotes classroom equity and belonging. 

The asynchronous Flash 15 sessions listed below were recorded in previous semesters.

Figure denoting bringing information from long-term memory into working memory is retrieval.

Retrieval practice is a learning strategy that provides students with opportunities to recall information in order to solidify the information in students' long-term memory.

Four different colored puzzle pieces connected

The Jigsaw Technique is a two-step teaching structure that supports student ownership over course content through discussion and synthesis and promotes cooperative learning. 

Students in analytic teams assume the roles of summarizer, connector, proponent, critic, and questioner.

Analytic teams is a collaborative learning technique that develops analytical skills by putting students in groups in which each student assumes a role needed for critical analysis.