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Life Science Laboratories

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My interests have focused on approaches to minimizing consequences of diabetes and related cardiovascular complications through lifestyle modification and improved delivery of community health services. Major areas of research have focused on:

  • Working with medical home teams and minority communities to develop meaningful approaches to lifestyle modification in the clinic and in the neighborhood to positively affect consequences of chronic diseases. 
  • Evaluating the impact of mild physical activity on glucose concentrations and insulin sensitivity in sedentary individuals.
  • Defining the relationship between walking activity and exercise intensity.
  • Examining combinations of medications with physical activity on insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular risk.

Other interdisciplinary collaborations have included: determining the impact of factors such as medications, inflammation, or exercise on skeletal muscle structure and cellular signaling.  

Current efforts emphasize the need for developing a well-trained public health workforce. One group of great interest is “frontline” health care workers who have the potential to greatly improve the delivery of care to people at risk for or those living with diabetes. Their importance in monitoring and reinforcing health care messages and strategies, through systems such as the patient centered medical home, is a new area of investigation.

I am also the founding Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Medicine Open.