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Goessmann Building

686 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003
United States

240J Goessmann


Our lab investigates the specific chemical components of ambient particulate matter that have a significant effect on human health. Our main interests revolve around applying advanced aerosol characterization methods toward understanding the mechanistic effects of these pollutants on human health. We accomplish this through a combination of novel designs and applications of instrumentation, controlled laboratory generation of aerosol, and fieldwork throughout North America. Researchers in our lab typically have extensive interdisciplinary training in environmental engineering, atmospheric chemistry, toxicology, and/or public health. Our research is funded by the National Institute of Health, the Environmental Protection Agency, and several foundations. We currently have three laboratories on campus, including a wet chemistry lab, an in vivo exposure facility, and an instrument fabrication facility.

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Peltier Aerosol Lab