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Elizabeth is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in sports, wellness, and plant-based nutrition. She owns a private nutrition consulting practice where she counsels clients as well as provides team talks and lectures to larger groups. Elizabeth has additional background in research and teaching at the collegiate, high school, and organizational levels. She has been a board member of the Western Area Massachusetts Dietetic Association (WAMDA) for the last 13 years.

Elizabeth aspires to inspire and empower others, wherever they are on their journey; to give back to the community; to work to spread accurate and reliable nutrition information both within the nutrition field and among the general public; to advocate for health promotion and disease prevention and reversal through lifestyle change; and to continue to feel inspired, empowered, and motivated to do the work she does.

Outside of work, Elizabeth is an avid runner and outdoor enthusiast. She enjoys spending time with friends and family (2- and 4-legged alike), plant-based cooking and baking, and reading.

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