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School of Public Health and Health Sciences

715 N. Pleasant St.
Amherst , MA 01003
United States


My research orientation is based on cultural discourse analysis (CuDA). I used CuDA in my PhD dissertation where I described, interpreted, compared, and critiqued the symbolic construction of normal and problematic alcohol consumption among Russian people, in the Russian public policy discourse, and in Russian state-sponsored media. I am currently conducting a study focusing on community health workers (CHWs) at the Accountable Care Organization within the Berkshire Health Systems in Pittsfield, Ma. The key assumption of the study is that it will reveal important cultural knowledge that could be used to improve professional communication skills of future and current CHWs. The immediate outcome of this study will be a database of CHW-client/caregiver/health provider communication vignettes to be used as part of experiential learning during CHW training.

I have been a visiting lecturer with the online MPH in public health practice degree program since 2016, where I teach HPP 642, Public Health Leadership, HPP 608, Public Health Communications, and other courses.