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Aimee works to create and manage partnerships between SPHHS and employers in the field of public health.  Her goal is to place students in challenging positions that are compatible with their academic background and professional goals.  She facilitates opportunities for students to gain exposure through semester-long and summer internships for academic credit, as well as to pursue permanent positions through these partnerships.

Prior to joining SPHHS, Aimee worked for many years in international humanitarian aid and development.  Early in her career, she served as the Director of Programs for AmeriCares, where she managed medical / public health partnerships with diverse health systems such as in Haiti, Uzbekistan and North Korea.  More recently, she explored the private sector through analytical work with Alt Terrain, a Boston-based experiential marketing company.

Aimee is dedicated to helping students at SPHHS achieve their goals, so they should feel open to exploring connections and resources with her.  Outside of the school, Aimee enjoys traveling, historical drama, and studying new languages and cultures.  She is also a self-described sports and arts mom, who spends a lot of “free” time with her family at hockey games, meets, and recitals throughout New England.