Julie Brigham-Grette of the College of Natural Sciences was recently invited to discuss climate change and resulting tensions in the Arctic with BBC's The Climate Question podcast. Brigham-Grette, professor and director of the Geosciences Graduate Program in the Department of Earth, Geographic, and Climate Sciences, specializes in quaternary/glacial geology and arctic paleoenvironments.  

The podcast explains how global temperatures have surged approximately 1.3 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, and how the effects are distributed unevenly across the globe. Case in point: the Arctic, typically one of the coldest areas on the planet, is experiencing accelerated warming.

Local temperatures in the Arctic are soaring up to four times faster than in other regions, upsetting the ecological balance and resulting in substantial ice loss. This trend has profound implications not only for the Arctic but also for the entire planet.

On this episode, Brigham-Grette was joined by: Mathieu Boulègue, consulting fellow at Chatham House and global fellow at the Polar Institute of the Wilson Centre; Malte Humpert, senior fellow at the Arctic Institute; and Amund Trellevik, a Norwegian journalist with Investigate Europe.

Listen to the podcast on BBC or Apple Podcasts.

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