The BS in chemistry at UMass Amherst is a perfect place to start on your path toward an engaging career in science, technology, medicine, and many other areas. Chemistry is a practical major full of exciting science and research opportunities. 

As a chemistry major, you’ll work closely with a faculty advisor to discuss your future. You’ll get hands-on research experience as you learn about different career paths. Undergraduate students are important contributors to research projects, and often get listed as authors of peer-reviewed publications. 

Chemistry majors have the chance to participate in some of the most exciting research around, ranging from solar cell development to biochemical processes, drug delivery, and the fundamentals of nanoparticle formation. 

After graduation, you’ll be ready to move on to your career. Many of our students pursue graduate, pharmacy, or medical school. Or you might pursue careers in government laboratories, biotechnology companies, the food industry, and chemical/pharmaceutical companies, among others. Your chemistry major is a solid foundation for anything you can imagine in science.