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Photograph of Gaurav Mitra delivering a speech.

Graduate student delivers community speech at Chancellor's inauguration

Gaurav Mitra, a chemistry PhD candidate, was selected to speak during the “Power of Community” section at the inauguration of Chancellor Javier Reyes. The ceremony was a celebration of the formal investiture of Chancellor Javier Reyes as the university’s 31st leader.

headshot chemistry major Taras Nagornyy

Meet the chemistry undergraduate finding solutions for greener transport

Taras Nagornyy conducts research that seeks to minimize the release of harmful gases from vehicles with diesel engines, such as trucks, trains, ships, and military vehicles. He is exploring ways to synthesize Si-LTA zeolite catalysts using ammonium fluoride (NH4F) as a substitute for the highly toxic hydrogen fluoride (HF). “It's particularly rewarding to know that the research isn't just theoretical; it's meant to be applied to solve real-world problems.”

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