The biochemistry and molecular biology major at UMass Amherst will help you explore the complexity of chemical processes within biological organisms and cellular processes at the molecular level in a research-based program.

The innovative curriculum will help you build the science and math foundation you need through lab-based courses with hands-on experience. You’ll undertake important research with our renowned faculty in areas such as protein folding and associated diseases, mechanisms of cellular signal transduction, and plant and environmental interactions for food, fuel, and drugs.

This program encourages you to go beyond the core curriculum to find areas that are of particular interest to you. Through advanced elective courses, you can explore fields such as animal science, chemical engineering, environmental science, kinesiology, food science, psychology, and more. Independent research is encouraged, and many of our students work in labs outside of the department.

After graduation, you’ll be prepared for careers in laboratories, biotech companies, the food industry, and scientific equipment suppliers. You might also choose to pursue advanced training in medical programs.