Fall 2019 Rising Researchers

The Rising Research Award recognizes students whose research stands out as being ambitious, creative, and having a positive impact on the greater community.



Bryanna Freitas, Hadley Beauregard, and Hailey Charest were awarded for their product Bac-Be-Gone.

Amir Issaa

Amir Issaa, an Italian activist, performed and spoke about the discrimination he faced and what he used to cope with it: rap.

prof tyson

From October 5 to October 11, UMass Commonwealth Honors College’s emeritus professor of chemistry, Julian Tyson, participated in the World Veterans Fencing Championship 2019 in Cairo, Egypt.

students planting daffodil bulbs

On a crisp November morning under a bluebird sky, surrounded by bare trees that have just dropped the last of their crinkled brown leaves, the last thing most of us are thinking about is the beautiful flowers that will fill the campus next spring. 


In celebration of its twentieth anniversary, Commonwealth Honors College held a ceremonial alumni brunch over UMass Amherst’s Homecoming weekend, which brought together alumni from 1973 to 2019.

Springfield Museum

“It’s better to know how to learn than to know.” ⁠– Dr. Seuss



The Office of National Scholarship Advisement (ONSA) is still advising on the Boren Scholarship. Campus deadline for applications is December 10th, 2019! 


Highly organized Honors College student with strong administrative and communication skills needed to assist in planning and implementing the 26th Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference 

study in germany

An info session for the prestigious DAAD Scholarship and Research Grant for students interested in studying abroad in Germany will be held Wednesday October 2nd at 12pm in the CHC Events Hall.

Student Blog

A worker hands an apple to a young customer.

Although one of the richest countries in the world, America has millions of hungry citizens. As we head into Thanksgiving break, remember your gratitude and help make a difference.

Friends hugging

When you care about other people and act upon your generosity, you are making the world a kinder, happier place.

Ha Long Bay

—This time two years ago, I made one of my favorite decisions of my college experience: to study abroad. For five months during the fall of 2018, I lived and studied in Southeast Asia, specifically Chiang Mai, Thailand.