Commonwealth Honors College alumni


Accomplishment, intellectual curiosity, excellence, and connectivity are the attributes of a UMass Amherst Honors education, which now boasts more than 15,000 Honors alumni.

The Commonwealth Honors College community of scholars includes alumni who took part in honors-level studies at UMass Amherst, whether through the Honors College, its predecessor, the Honors Program, or through writing an Honors thesis.

Some alumni have found that their Honors experience motivated and prepared them for academic and career challenges. For Melicia Morris ’11, “Commonwealth Honors College deepened my commitment to my education and strengthened my self-confidence. I have been well prepared for the rigor and challenges of law school and beyond.”

Other alumni discovered their untapped talent, like Timothy Alden ’10, who feels that “Commonwealth Honors College is a place where you can learn how to become a leader. It’s given me the confidence to know that I have the power to make a difference.”

Honors alumni are encouraged to reconnect with each other and to get involved and support current Honors College students.


Get Involved

Your participation makes a difference at Commonwealth Honors College. Whether you are looking to engage with fellow alumni, or connect with students, we’re happy to suggest ways to become more actively involved.

Looking for ways to become more actively involved in Commonwealth Honors College? Here are a few:

Use this online tool to connect with other alumni and with current students. You can use it for resume review, mock interviews, and other career support.

Stay Informed

It's easy to stay up to date on the latest news from Commonwealth Honors College. Our website content changes frequently and you may also use the following methods to stay informed:

  • Follow Commonwealth Honors College on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Read our e-newsletter for honors Alumni and friends.*
  • Join our LinkedIn group and get connected to Honors alumni and current Honors College students. and honors alumni. 
  • Attend an alumni networking event in a city near you.
  • Explore the opportunities to connect with UMass Alumni through the UMass Amherst Alumni Association.
  • If you are not receiving our e-newsletter or email invitations to our off-campus events, update your contact information through the UMass Amherst Alumni Association to make sure you're not missing out.


As one of the more than 15,000 Honors alumni, you can be an inspiring resource to current Honors College students. Here are just a few ways to participate:

  • Come to campus to speak with current students.
  • Tell your story for an alumni profile or publication.
  • Host an off-campus alumni networking event at your home or office
  • Mentor current students through Connect UMass. This is a powerful online platform that facilitates one-to-one career conversations among UMass Amherst students and alumni. Recent alumni may also to use this service to connect with other alumni. To connect with Honors alumni, type "Commonwealth Honors College" into the keyword search. The network provides opportunities for conversations around career choices, resume critiques, and mock interviews.

Make a Gift to Support Current Students

You can make a direct impact in current students’ lives through a financial gift. Gifts to the college strengthen the quality of students’ experience and help make an Honors education financially accessible.


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