The Center for Educational Assessment (CEA) conducts research and provides training in the areas of psychometrics, research methods, and educational statistics to promote fair, useful, and efficient educational assessment practices. 

CEA partners with numerous national and international agencies to carry out psychometric research and operational testing activities. These collaborations not only provide students in the REMP program with funding as full-time research assistants in the Center, but also offer students and faculty opportunities to work with testing professionals on numerous important psychometric questions and often lead to papers that are presented at national and international conferences and/or of publishable quality.   

Core Research Areas

The Center has strong, technical expertise in the areas of classical test theory, item response theory, test development, identification of item bias, test score equating, standard setting, test selection and evaluation, test score report design, new forms of assessment, computer-based testing, and program evaluation. (Read more.)

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Center for Educational Assessment
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