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Summer Service 7/5/17 to 9/4/17 Reduced Service on Most Routes Routes 34, 35, 38, 39, and M40 do not operate during the summer.... read more
JW Conference 7/28/17 to 7/30/17 JW conference at Mullins
Jehova's Witness Conv @ Mullins 7/28/17 to 7/30/17
2017 Jehovah's Witness Conventions at Mullins Center Please be advised the 2017 Annual Jehovah’s Witness Conventions held at the Mullins Center will... read more
UMTS Transfer to FRTA, Effective August 1st 2016 UMass Transit Services, along with the Franklin Regional Transit Authority are now offering... read more
PVTA Public Hearing Being Held June 21st, 2017 Let your voice be heard for the future of Amherst-area Bus Service!  Due to a budget deficit, the... read more
Parking Permits Update Pre-ordered parking permits are scheduled to ship from the printer this week (around the 4th of... read more

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