This page is for students interested in applying to our on-campus undergraduate programs only.

If you are interested in applying to our fully online degrees and certificates, please go to our list of majors and click the link for the specific online program listed there.

If you are interested in applying to our graduate degree programs, please see our page on graduate degree programs in plant and soil sciences.

Step one: Select your Stockbridge major

Before applying, please reference the list of majors offered by Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Note that for several of our major areas, we offer both a two-year Associate of Science degree program and a four-year Bachelor of Science degree program. Generally, a two-year degree focuses on courses to teach specialty skills with the goal of quick employment. A four-year degree adds general education requirements, allows for more choice-making in course selection, and prepares graduates for more advanced positions. Questions about which degree program is most appropriate can be emailed to Director of Student Recruitment Nessim Watson.

Step two: Learn the process

Stockbridge School of Agriculture is part of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is located on the UMass Amherst campus. Prospective students apply to the Stockbridge School of Agriculture using the common application. Once in the common application, you will apply to UMass Amherst, and you will specify your Stockbridge major of interest.

University Admissions has separate directions for applications by first-year students, transfer students, and international students. Learn about the application process at the UMass Admissions Application Hub.

Learn the important dates and deadlines. Regular applicants to a four-year BS degree program, or a two-year AS program, must apply by mid-January but have the option to submit an Early Action Application by an earlier deadline. See the link for the most current deadlines.

UMass uses a "holistic review" method to consider your application. Learn what factors are considered in the application decision.

Step three: Begin the common application

After reviewing all of the links above, you are ready to start your application by clicking the common application image below:

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Answers to common questions

What GPA do I need to get accepted to UMass?

The admissions review process is holistic, but we can share some tips about students who have recently been accepted. We expect a minimum GPA of 3.0, which is in line with most UMass campuses and state universities. Honors courses and AP courses are weighted more heavily, using the Mass Dept of Higher Education GPA calculator. Remember that your chance of acceptance is based both on the application you submit, and the quality of competing applications in a given year. On the admissions website, You can see the weighted GPA range, for students accepted last cycle, on the admissions statistics page.

Is there a lower bar for getting accepted if I apply for a two-year associate degree program?

The GPA expectations are the same as described above. However, for associate degree applicants, the holistic review process gives significant consideration to your activities, work experience, and life experiences as you describe them in your application. Many of our students with less-than-stellar high school GPA have successfully applied and been accepted for our associate degree programs.

What SAT/ACT scores do I need to get accepted to UMass?

UMass Amherst has committed to a "testing optional" policy through 2023. Last year, fewer than half our applicants submitted a standardized test score. We recommend that students only submit an optional factor if it will help them in their admission. What kind of score might help? You can see the SAT and ACT score ranges, for students accepted last cycle, on the admissions statistics page.

Are there any additional requirements to get into Stockbridge School of Agriculture after being accepted to UMass Amherst?

No. While additional requirements do exist for majors in the College of Engineering and the Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences, there is no additional requirement at Stockbridge other than admission to UMass Amherst and payment of your $500 deposit.

Where do I select my major inside the common application?

Once you start the common application, go into your UMass application. On the left, click "Questions," and answer the first screen of general questions. The next screen is "Academics," and it is here that you will select your intended UMass major. All of our Stockbridge majors are listed there alphabetically with the other UMass majors.

Can I double major?

Absolutely. Many students pair two Stockbridge degrees together, graduating with credentials in both landscaping and horticulture, or both horticulture and arboriculture. Many students in the Natural Resource Conservation or Biology majors choose to add a more specific and career-defining Stockbridge major to their resume, setting them up for more successful employment upon graduation. Your advisor will help you to do this as efficiently as possible once you are admitted. For now, you can use the common application to mark your interest in a double major path by choosing an "alternative major of interest" right under your primary major of interest.

If I get accepted for an associate degree program, do I have to re-apply later for a bachelor degree program?

Probably not. If you do well in an associate degree program, and in your final year you decide to also pursue a bachelor degree in the same program area (e.g. Turfgrass Management AS followed by the Turfgrass Science and Management BS), the transfer can usually be handled through a conversation with your faculty advisor. In such cases, all associate degree credits can be transfered towards completion of the aligned bachelor degree. In most cases, both degrees can be earned in four years. If you earn our landscape contracting associate degree, and then continue to earn the bachelor degree in landscape architecture, it may take you five years to complete both degrees.

What's an Early Action Application? Is there an advantage to doing that?

High school students who feel certain that they want to attend Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and who have a compelling application package without the addition of GPA and achievements from their fall semester senior year, are encouraged to apply by the Early Action deadline in early November. One advantage of applying "early action" is that you will hear by mid January whether you are accepted. Unlike the "early decision" options provided by other universities, the "early action" application to UMass Amherst is non-binding, so if accepted you will have all the way until May 1 to decide whether to enroll. If you feel that your application package will be stronger by including your Fall semester grades, optional tests, and achievements, then we encourage you to apply by the regular decision deadline in mid January. Learn more about your options at the Early Action FAQ.

Where can I take a really deep dive into the Admissions Standards Reference Guide, published by the Massachusetts Dept of Higher Ed, and last updated in 2019?

OK... first take a deep breath, and then visit Mass Dept of Higher Education admissions standards.

Does Stockbridge School of Agriculture provide financial aid?

Yes. Official financial aid from UMass Amherst is determined by the UMass Office of Financial Aid. Additionally, we maintain our own list of industry scholarships for Stockbridge students. Some of these scholarships are funded by our very supportive Stockbridge alumni. Some are from professional organizations dedicated to horticulture, farming, turfgrass management, etc. As you can imagine, there are fewer people applying for these specialized scholarships, which significantly increases your chance of successfully applying for funds, using the links in our list.

Do you provide education assistance or incentives to veterans?

Yes. Veterans should first apply through the standard channels mentioned above. Veterans can then learn about additional educational benefits at our UMass Veteran Education Benefits page.

What if I'm not currently in high school?

Stockbridge students come to us at different times in their lives. Some graduated high school "a long time ago." Some had a first college career that had to be paused. Some have years of experience in another field and are looking to make a career switch. Still others are finally doing something they've "always wanted to do." If any of these situations apply to you, an application to Stockbridge School of Agriculture is definitely something you should consider. Stockies tend to be life-long learners, so there is no such thing as being "too old" or "too late" to pursue a college degree. We also have skill-specific associate degree programs for those seeking a degree in just 2 years instead of 4.

What if I attended "some college" somewhere?

You don't have to start over. It's possible to transfer college credits earned elsewhere so that they count towards completing your Stockridge degree. Credit transfers would be discussed with your Stockbridge faculty advisor once you're application is accepted. When you apply, if you have attended or are currently attending another college, you must submit official transcripts from ALL colleges attended (whether or not transfer credit is desired). If you have earned fewer than 27 completed college credits you must also submit a high school transcript or GED scores. We're glad you are thinking about getting back to finishing what you started!

What if I have more questions?

It shows you are an active thinker! Feel free to email our Director of Student Recruitment Nessim Watson (he/him) with your questions.