For summer 2024, Stockbridge is offering 16 different online college courses through UMass University Plus.

The university also offers a wide range of pre-college programs designed to provide top-tier college experiences to high school students, current applicants, and students newly accepted to UMass for fall 2024.

Pre-college programs

Our Pre-College Programs at UMass Amherst range from college prep workshops to academic programs and research intensives. Some programs require living on campus, and others are online. Explore these pre-college options and get more information about them by using the form at the bottom of the Pre-College @UMass Amherst page.

See and register for online summer classes

To see our online summer courses, and to register, go to UMass University Plus. Use the filters on the left side to select Term: summer 2024. Then select Subject: Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

You do not need to be an accepted and matriculated student to take a Stockbridge class online. Simply go to the UMass University Plus Enrollment Page, and select the option that applies to you.

Start online... finish on campus

We encourage you to explore the world of plants and sustainability by taking one or more classes online. If you are later accepted to a Stockbridge bachelors degree (BS) program on campus, any Stockbridge credits earned online can be transferred into your student record.  Online courses may satisfy specific course requirements of your Stockbridge major, but at minimum, they will count towards the 120 credits needed to earn a bachelor's degree.

If you are planning to take an online class before applying to a Stockbridge two-year associate degree (AS) program, be aware that only certain online classes will satisfy the requirements of the associate degree program.  Consult the AS Handbook to learn the specific requirements of each particular associate degree program offered by Stockbridge.


Stockbridge offers the nation's largest online bachelors degree in sustainable agriculture, with the widest range of online course offerings. The following degrees and certificates can be earned entirely online, from anywhere in the world:

Select online courses are offered in summer, fall, winter, and spring. To register for a fully online degree or certificate program, follow the directions on the degree or certificate page above.