The Modern European Studies (MES) Program promotes knowledge of the unique languages, cultures, and histories of contemporary European societies. The program sponsors lectures and events relating to European studies and offers an interdisciplinary, 15-credit minor open to all undergraduates, regardless of major. 

This self-designated minor allows students the freedom to combine courses from more than one department to design an educational experience exploring contemporary Europe that suits your interests and focus. The minor can be used to study two or more European countries from various perspectives: art, history, business, politics, or language. Students interested in study abroad experiences in Europe are encouraged to consider this minor. 

Students with an MES minor acquire some of the many skills required to work in an increasingly globalized world. It can be a valuable addition for those interested in applying to professional or graduate schools, or for those who want to build a career in international relations or business. 

Those interested in this major should apply by contacting jurla [at] umass [dot] edu (Jacqueline Urla), Department of Anthropology.