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Archaeological Papers Published

Recent graduate Evan Taylor, along with various alum, and faculty have recently been published in the annual volume of the Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association.   More > Archaeological Papers Published


Anthropology Matters

Anthropology is the study of people and cultures of the past and present in their cultural, biological and material contexts. From human evolution to endangered languages, cultural diversity, to health disparities, Anthropology seeks answers to some of today's most complex questions. How are we alike? What makes us different? Where are we headed? Explore what the UMass Department of Anthropology has to offer.

Proposed New Center for Braiding Indigenous Knowledges and Science

Sonya Atalay, UMass Amherst Provost Professor of Anthropology, is proposing a new Center for Braiding Indigenous Knowledges and Science (CBIKS) in collaboration with Laura Valdiviezo, College of Education and Jonathan Woodruff, Department of Geosciences. More > Proposed New Center for Braiding Indigenous Knowledges and Science


Samya Stumo Memorial Fund

We are happy to announce a new memorial fund in the honor of Samya Rose Stumo who was a former undergraduate alum in the department.  Samya wrote her Honor’s Thesis on health inequities and access to care among women in Andean Peru, and then completed a MA in Global Health at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.   More > Samya Stumo Memorial Fund


Department of Anthropology Annual Newsletter Being Human More >

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