Student SONA Accounts


  1. Go to 
  2. Register for a new account or log into your old one (if you are in Psych100, an account will be made for you)
  3. Use your email for your SONA email account, if you have one. 
  4. Select the course(s) you are taking this semester (to select more than one, hold down the ctrl key). Pay attention, some instructors teach more than one course and some courses are taught by more than one instructor. 
  5. The SONA System will send an email including your password and user information. If it does not show up in the inbox, check the SPAM folder. 
  6. Log in to the system. 
  7. Upon 1st sign in, there will be a short, mandatory, no credit demographic survey. 
  8. Go to My Profile and change the password. 
  9. Review available studies and sign up. 

If you prefer to watch instructions, click this link for a youtube tutorial video from SONA systems. 

Here are instructions specifically for students in Psych100 (link

Here are instructions for students using SONA for extra credit (link)

Email with any questions