Diversity-Focused Courses

Issues related to diversity are integrated throughout courses in the Psychological & Brain Sciences department. In addition, the following courses have a primary focus on diversity. In particular, this list includes courses that focus on one or more of the following: 1) understanding differences across sociocultural groups and the psychological and societal consequences of these differences; and 2) understanding the unique experiences of individuals from groups that face inequities as a result of their group membership.


PSYCH 360       Social Psychology

PSYCH 365       Psychology of Aging

PSYCH 391       Psychology of the Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Experience

PSYCH 391       Stigma, Discrimination, & Health

PSYCH 391       Stigma & Mental Illness

PSYCH 391       Prejudice & Intergroup Relations

PSYCH 391       Psychology of Adoption

PSYCH 391       Child, Family, & Community

PSYCH 391       Intersectionality, Health, & Aging

PSYCH 397D    Autism Spectrum Disorder

PSYCH 491D    Impact of Disabilities on Families

PSYCH 480       Intellectual Disability: Concepts & Controversies

PSYCH 491AD  Advancing Diversity in Research & Practice seminar



PSYCH 591/891 Culture, Identity, & Power

PSYCH 690W   Improving Group Relations

PSYCH 891MP Multicultural Issues in Clinical Psychology

PSYCH 891A    Prejudice, Stereotyping, & Social Identity