PBS publishes newsletters twice per year. They are available below for your convenience.

Spring 2023 Newsletter

Highlights include: Spotlight Scholar: Michael Constantino, Senior Awards, Undergraduate Research Symposium, Senior Profiles

Winter 2023 Newsletter

Highlights include: The Challenges of Emergency Care for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Patients, Community Psychology in Practice And Policy, Research Shows Female STEM Students Are Positively Impacted by Female Near-Peer Mentors

Fall 2022 Newsletter

Highlights include: Message from the Chair, Is it a normal childhood tantrum or an early sign of mental illness?, Alumni Profile: Heather Kirkorian ‘07PhD, The extraordinary work of PBS summer student researchers, PBS Lab hosts scholars from Girls Inc. Eureka! Program

Spring 2022 Newsletter

Highlights include: Program to match mental health patients to psychotherapists’ strengths funded for large-scale implementation, 2022 Senior Awards, Tweet Blitz: Undergraduate Research, Spotlight on Alumni

Winter 2022 Newsletter

Highlights include: Working through life challenges using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Research examines the role of psychotherapists in treatment effectiveness, Studying the psychology of political divides, Grad Student Office Update

Fall 2021 Newsletter

Highlights include: Using behavioral activation therapy as a treatment for depression, Alumni Profile: Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki ‘08PhD, Songbird neurons for advanced cognition mirror the physiology of mammalian counterparts

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Highlights include: Virtual Graduation Celebration for the Class of 2021, Senior Awards, Tweet Blitz: Undergraduate Theses, Study shows predictors of cognitive decline in midlife women varied by race, Spotlight on Alumni

Winter 2021 Newsletter

Highlights include: Can mindfulness enhance athletic performance?, Resiliency and recovery from trauma, Stefan Tiefenbacher ‘01PhD Neuroscientist and Hemophilia Expert, More spotlights on alumni and student internships

Fall 2020 Newsletter

Highlights include: Children Use Race and Gender To Form Beliefs About Social Status, Influences of Stigma on Health Outcomes and Interventions, COVID-19 Research Update, Motherhood on the Brain, Spotlight on Alumni

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Highlights include: PBS holds Virtual Graduation Celebration, Emotions and patient care in the ER, Investigating how estrogens in the brain affect auditory learning, Courtney Keeton ‘05PhD-Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Major Senior Awards, Tweet Blitz: Undergrad Theses