Advancing Diversity in Research and Practice Undergraduate Program

The Advancing Diversity in Research and Practice Program (ADRAP)

The Advancing Diversity in Research and Practice (ADRAP) program’s mission is to promote diversity in the field of psychology by increasing the diversity of the next generation of researchers and practitioners in psychology, and by fostering interest in research and practice with diverse populations. We define diversity broadly to include race, ethnicity, language, gender, social class, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and physical appearance. The ADRAP program is designed to provide education and practical experiences to undergraduate students to help prepare them for future careers in psychology and for working in an increasingly diverse society.

ADRAP involves a two-semester commitment and includes a seminar (PSYCH 491, 2 credits per semester) and practical experiences in the form of a research assistantship (PSYCH398B, 3 credits per semester) or internship (PSYCH398F, 3 credits per semester). The 491 seminar is expected to be held on Mondays from 4:00 to 5:40 and the yearlong sequence fulfills the small seminar requirement for the psychology major. The program is designed for undergraduates who either 1) identify as being a member of a diverse/underrepresented group (this may be based on race/ethnicity, family education or income, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or disability) OR 2) have a strong interest in the promotion of research or practice with diverse populations. It is recommended that applicants have a GPA of at least 2.8.

For a more detailed description of the program, download the ADRAP overview. To apply, click here. Rolling admissions begin in March, and we will continue to accept applications until the program is full.

For more information regarding ADRAP, please contact Professor Evelyn Mercado at