The turfgrass science programs provide essential career and technical training in the production and curation of grassed areas, including golf courses, home lawns, parks, and athletic surfaces.

This major integrates scientific theory with hands-on practical experience, and covers grass and seed identification, turfgrass physiology, pest control, and equipment maintenance. Grow turfgrass that requires less water and chemicals and can adapt to climate change stressors. Manage a team of people and learn the fundamentals of a turf-based business.

Many graduates find employment in the golf course and other sports turf industries. The lawn care industry also employs many of our graduates in jobs as varied as research, sales, and direct lawn maintenance.

Specialize your bachelor degree with a focus on business or science. We offer both a bachelor degree and a two-year associate of science degree that includes an internship. Graduate with field experience on your resume.

Because we offer the longest-running turfgrass research center in the country, just a few miles from the UMass Amherst campus, Stockbridge is well known and our graduates have a 100 percent job placement rate.