The Plant Biology (PB) graduate program offers both PhD and MS degrees in a multidisciplinary research setting with approaches that range from practical to theoretical. Plant biology students and faculty work on all levels of biological organization from molecules to landscapes and choose basic or applied topics. The common interest of PB members in plants is a bridge for work across disciplines. PB research areas include:

  • Cell and Developmental Biology: Cell and Developmental Biology includes: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Cell Wall Biology, Cytoskeleton, Metabolic Engineering, and Physiology
  • Evolution and Ecology: Evolution and Ecology includes: Agricultural Ecology, Community Ecology, Evolutionary Development, Sustainability and Bioeconomy
  • Genomics and Genetics: Genomics and Genetics includes: Biofuels, Bioinformatics, Epigenetics, Evolutionary Development, Plant Breeding, Systems Biology, and Synthetic Biology
  • Plant Environment Interactions: Plant Environment Interactions includes: Abiotic Interactions, Plant Pathology, Plant-pollinator/herbivore Dynamics, Pest Management, Stress Physiology