If you’re interested in the ocean, you should consider pursuing the coastal and marine sciences certificate, an exciting, hands-on marine curriculum for students in the Five Colleges.

Your work will pull from a vast array of natural science and social science disciplines. These include animal behavior, biology, botany, chemistry, ecology, engineering, geology, natural resources management, and zoology in the natural sciences; as well as government, public policy, and economics in the social sciences. 

In your work toward the certificate, you’ll take six courses, do a minimum of 80 hours of fieldwork, and complete an independent research project. Once you begin your coursework, you’ll find a faculty advisor to help you navigate your way through the program.  

Your “capstone” project will allow you to do in-depth research in an area of particular interest to you. This work will set you up for success when you move on to graduate school or your career in the field.