Summer 2024 - Online Korean & Japanese Courses!

The East Asian Languages & Cultures Program at UMass Amherst is excited to announce our online courses in Korean and Japanese language for Summer 2024 through the University Without Walls!

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Language Learning

East Asian Studies at UMass Amherst offers language instructions based on the latest research findings and decades of combined teaching experience. We foster integrated contextual learning among students. Authentic materials are used whenever possible in elementary and intermediate courses and exclusively in advanced courses. Instructors are well-versed in pedagogy, thoroughly experienced in teaching, and passionate about helping students.

Intensive courses are offered for the first two years of the curriculum to boost language ability. Those who have taken prior classes in the language can ease their way into the curriculum by taking the non-intensive course for the first semester. Those with more extensive experience can take a placement test to be placed into an appropriate level. Upper-level courses are non-intensive and more varied in focus. At the end of the four years of language courses, most students with no previous language experience can communicate comfortably in a socially appropriate manner.

An open-minded and heartful approach to Japanese culture

David Stanley Hewett's journey took him from studying Japanese at UMass Amherst to a career as a prominent artist in Japan. His story showcases his deep passion for Japanese arts and culture.

David Stanley Hewett
David Stanley Hewitt

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