On a campus as sprawling as UMass Amherst there are sure to be plenty of great spots to study. Whether you prefer peace and quiet or a little bit of bustle, there is a spot for you.

Here are my top five study spots across campus:

1. John W. Olver Design Building
Photo of Olver Design Building

Located right across the street from Isenberg, this building ranks number one on my list. The Design Building has its own coffee shop, Post and Bean, and a rooftop garden that is perfect on a sunny day. Not only does it have great amenities, it’s visually appealing with exposed beams and a three-story grand staircase. My favorite spot is on the third floor overlooking the large expanse of the building.

2. The Student Union
Photo of students studying in the Student Union

As one of the more popular study spots on campus, the Student Union is often quite busy. I personally like to do work surrounded by other students, as it motivates me to keep working hard. The building itself is also centrally located, allowing students a short walk to class. Another great aspect is that the Student Union is attached to the Campus Center, which is home to Blue Wall — a dining location with several grab-and-go restaurants. Having delicious food just steps away is a great motivator to complete some homework.

3. Studio Arts Building
A sunny atrium with large windows and hanging artwork in the Studio Arts Building at the University of Massachusetts
The second-floor atrium in the Studio Arts Building, Photo: Nina Prenosil

The Studio Arts Building comes close to being my favorite place to study. With floor-to-ceiling windows in the main study hall, it makes for a great spot to do work. The building is often quiet, with the occasional murmur of artists working away on their pieces. The building is adorned with students’ artwork and showcases their hard work. During study breaks, I will often find myself peeking into the studios to see creativity in action.

4. Honors Hub
Group of students sitting and chatting on the Honors Hub
The Honors Hub, Photo: Myles Braxton

As a Commonwealth Honors College (CHC) student, this is a great study spot because it is just steps away from the dorms. Located above Roots Café, the hub is open on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and has plenty of seating to do group work or independent studying. The Hub also has a wall of windows that lets in sunlight and has a wonderful view of the CHC concourse. There are also comfortable couches if you are looking to relax. I definitely recommend it!

A desk and chair are located next to a view of campus at the Du Bois Library at the University of Massachusetts
The quiet floor at the Du Bois Library has great views, Photo: Nina Prenosil
5. Quiet Floors in W.E.B Du Bois Library

Every floor of the library has something to offer, but my personal favorites are the quiet study floors. Here you will find personal cubicles overlooking the expanse of campus and nestled behind the bookcases. Whenever I really need to buckle down and focus, I head to one of the quiet study floors. I highly recommend it during midterms and finals.

Be sure to check these spots out. I’m sure you’ll see me there!

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